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backup singers

’48 chevy

yet another chevy (shocker) from chubby's diner last week. i got there very early, and this was the first of three shows i hit that evening.

i've seen this lime bomb here before, and also over at angelo's, and possibly/probably at garden grove last year. i think it belongs to one of the latin gents.

it's just beautiful and was parked up in one of the spots you can see from the street. you can't help but notice it. they always put nice cars out front to get people's atttention, get them to stop, have a look, and maybe go and eat in the diner, i suppose.

that bunch of cars in the background are also probably owned by latin gents club members. you know how i feel about cars with the hoods open...but in this case, they just make me think of the star and his backup singers. open up and say ahhhhh.