what's up?

where’s the fire?

ford f100 firetruck

quick post, cuz it's late. been busy lately, and made it out to the broiler for a couple of hours shooting this evening.

i usually walk past this "fire truck." i see it quite often. usually in a different spot, jammed in with some other cars.

the owner saw me shoot it this time, and walked over to ask, "what makes you take a picture of a car?" i told him first, the hood has to be closed, second, i have to like the car. forgot to mention the location...what's in the background...will it make an interesting picture? or if i don't think i'll get another opportunity to see it again anytime soon. 

i took it this time because he was in a different spot, and it looked more interesting. simple as that.

almost 11pm...gotta get some sleep. :)