what's up?


1953 chevrolet bel air

just now realized this is the third green car in a row. oh well. they match my eyes, if you need a reason. i dunno. maybe it just gets more difficult to pick what to post...i've found so many spectacular cars the last few shows. i'm on chevy overload again. it's only january...i'm gonna run out of room on my hard drive before the year is over if i don't watch it.

found this one at angelo's on thursday. this belongs to one of the latin gents car club members...maybe one of those guys on the left there. they're very nice guys, love their cars. i've seen them here and there before, and they said the same about me.

all the awesome chevy's i've seen at chubby's the last couple of weeks are theirs too. damn, you guys, they're beautiful cars. anyway, they flipped when i showed them my pictures, and seemed interested in me shooting some pics of them and their cars at chubby's on friday. i don't do a lot of pics with owners in there with their cars, but i was willing to try it again.

i got there too early for most of them on friday, and the majority of them were driving in as i was driving out...maybe next week...i'm feeling kinda ill right now, and think i'll go lay down.