what's up?

der ss

so busy at work since i got back from vegas. tradeshow season, and i'm slammed by everyone needing artwork created for their booths, etc. i expect to be very tired for the next couple of weeks at least. but i've also managed to squeeze in several car shows, since the weather has cooled for a while.

muscle car

i usually walk past these muscle cars, mostly because the hoods are most always up. and i don't really care much about them, the lines of the cars just don't resonate with me like the older classics. they're nice, they're loud, and they move real fast, but ehh. i always get the feeling from the owners that i'm ignoring them, or the "what's wrong with my car" vibe, but they never really say it.

well, because the sky was overcast, and this puppy was so very shiny, i couldn't pass it up. i loved the reflection in the hood and fender too much. shows how much i haven't paid attention to these...i don't even know/remember what kind of car it is, much less the year. maybe someone will let me know so i can update my post.