what's up?





the owner of this car has been stalking me for probably a month now, at least. not in a bad way. he's been trying to sync up at a show when he has this car and i have my camera. he'd been shown some of my work and had been crazy trying to get me to shoot this car.

it actually has yellow doors, but he really wanted them to be the same color as the rest of the car, which if i remember right, is actually a warm brown. i think this is close enough, but a little warmer because of the sunset.

there was some interest in making the background black and white or sepia or blurry, but that kinda loses the beautiful colors that come from a sunset. and adds a bit more time to my work, so i'm skipping it for now, unless they really want that...

told him i'd post a couple of shots to choose from, then either print a small proof to look at or go ahead with a large print to deliver on friday. i'll add another shot to this post tomorrow.

then, after shooting this car, ended up shooting the gray car you see behind it, as well as another car behind the gray car...i'll also post these two tomorrow, for them to choose a bigger print from on nice paper. busy weekend, but having fun with the challenge.