what's up?

the sun shone down

1956 chevrolet bel air nomad

so on this evening at ruby's, i saw this car. walked by it all evening. it was always surrounded by too many people. can't blame them, it was really a spectacular car.

finally, toward the end of the evening, when it was almost time for the raffle, people headed to the announcement area, and left me alone (mostly) with this nomad in all it's flamboyant flameyness. gotta wonder about some of these color combinations i've seen recently. guess it makes them more unique.

i took several shots of this, then wandered over to a unique harley that was customized. painted with spider webs, black widows, handles made to look like brass knuckles...different...then the most obnoxious group of fat ass motorcycle guys drove into one of the aisles of the show. music blasting, engines as loud as could be, basically parked their bikes in the center of the row. ya, ya look at me, look at me. a few tense minutes as the show sponsors tried to talk over the noise and get them to move. they did. to the next row.

after about 20 guys from the show started to head over there, and a few calls to the cops, they drove their big harleys out of there, but still. ass bites. mofos. don't mind seeing the bikes, but really who cares?