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september skies

1957 chevy truck

i was looking back through my collection, and found this one from last september. its only been about a year that i've really been taking these type of shots, and i can see improvement in the how i do them now, but back then i was shooting just about any car i saw at a show, mostly from low points of view. i still do shoot low, but don't always shoot so many cars.

i pulled this one because its the time of year i am looking forward to: the weather changes to fall; supposedly it will get cooler; stormy weather, or just generally more cloudy; the sun sets earlier until they f**k with the clock...so many more possibilities to add interest to an image without even trying.

california summer sun is pretty boring in comparison. harsh shadows, clear skies, hot hot hot.

i love this shot, catching the setting sun on the clouds, and the color spectrum shift, the further the clouds are from the sun.

this time of year also means time is running out on many of the shows, as they wind down in october, to avoid the cold and the rain.

i don't think i've seen this particular truck again at this show, but maybe it's just because i'd walk past it now.

gonna be a busy week; hoping to post some stuff, but not making any promises either.