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there are some cars i just haven't taken a picture of before. reasons, as i've mentioned before, usually include the hood being up, bad lighting, poor location, too crowded, can't get a good angle, etc. this is one of those never see it in a good position/lighting situations. i rarely see it, but i don't think i've done more than shoot macro shots of the pinstriping on the front and back.

i remember there were a lot of people on this evening. this wasn't the original spot this one was parked at either. i was about done for the evening when it was mentioned to me that a friend's friend would like me to shoot his car. well, i didn't know who it was, but he eventually found me and asked.

so now it was here, in one of the drive-in spots. probably still would like to take it again in some other location, under different lighting conditions, but hopefully, if he's been patient enough to keep checking, he'll see it now.