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dragon master

1936 chevrolet

this hood ornament goes with this 1936 chevrolet that i saw again this past week at the show at alondra and the 605. maybe its not so much a dragon, as it is a phoenix, but i like it. it is a beautiful vehicle. i think it made the blue pop a little too much here; it's actually a bit darker blue – i'll try to restrain myself in the future. again, my monitor is a bit out of whack, so i'll have to check it on another computer somewhere.

the green truck is pretty nice too. both of the owners got out of the picture for me, but maybe i should have asked them to move that ratty chair too. lol. just kidding. you probably didn't realize i was framing up both cars anyway.


everyone that had a good time at the whittier uptown car show today, raise your hands! saw a few people i knew, and a whole lot of wonderful cars. what a blast! total pictures for the day: 674. enough to keep me busy when the rain comes.