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baby blue

1955 chevy

the owner of this chevy was just getting in the car to leave from the back lot at bob's the other night. my husband asked the owner of this car if he could wait just two minutes so he could take a set of pictures. then he started talking to the owner about what he was doing and showing him stuff on his camera and ipad. i figured as long as they're being intrigued, i'd slip in a few pics myself. i liked this one best, but it still seems a little flat or something. does it seem ok to you? i adjusted my monitor a little, and i think i've thrown it off as far as color brightness and contrast.

so i'm going to try an experiment. wondering how many of you will whine that the picture is too small. 

anyone going to the whittier uptown show tomorrow? i'll be out early, as that rolling smorgasbord comes to my hood, and will get way too crowded as the morning progresses. maybe i'll even take a picture or two...