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1936 chevy sedan 2-door

so, yep, i've been really busy at work. hectic. i've been lucky if i can catch an hour toward the end of a car show lately. and, as its been colder, not as many cars show up anyway, so by the time i can get there, most are already gone that were there.

anyway, i made a point to get to the ruby's in whittier last friday, a bit of enderle on sunday, followed by original mike's. figured that more than a few from enderle would go over to mike's, since its not very far. and they did.

this old 1936 chevrolet sedan has seen better days. you've already seen it's hood ornament a few days ago. got a nice aged patina going, i think. the dusty windows make me imagine they drove in from an old barn or garage somewhere norman rockwellian. owner was probably in the restaurant or partaking of the beverages on the patio, so i didn't get the background on it. always welcome to comment or shoot me an email to add the story here, ya know...