what's up?

crazy for his mercury

1948 mercury eight

i see this guy and his car a lot. usually drives up and immediately pops the hood. well, if you look in, the engine is really clean and chromey, dual headers or whatever those things are called. even has some matching pinstripes going on, but that isn't what i want a picture of, though i did take a few.

maybe he noticed that i walk by most cars with the hoods open, or maybe someone told him (there were a couple of other guys chatting him up), but he offered to close it this time. great. he stayed in his chair, so that's him on the right. everyone say hi to him when you see him.

he did leave the hood down the rest of the time i was there. came back to his car later, while he was gone, took a few more shots, with palm trees in the background; better shot, but the sun was really heading down, and i showed up too much as a long shadow across the pavement, which kind of messed it up.