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roar of thunder

1957 b ford thunderbird

the sun was fading and the neon came on by the time i decided to shoot this bird. i had seen it earlier and hoped it would stay put until just this moment. perfect parking space, wedged into the corner handicapped space, without any other cars crammed in close by.

i'd never seen this particular model, nor a bird in not quite perfect condition. owners of these seem to be pretty anal about keeping them clean and just so. why is that?


on another note, i've been running into some people that have seen me shoot their cars previously and wondering how come they can't find them here. some seem to even expect free pictures, or seem shocked by what i consider a pretty fair price for a print. makes me wonder what other photographers are doing to lower people's expectations so. please see a past post on why you won't find thousands of pictures just dumped here, or even on my flickr site.

i do try to work on cars that people particularly ask about, if i think the shot was any good, but i do have a full-time job doing real work, that really has been a time suck lately...staying extra hours trying to put a dent in the work load. then also trying to shoot as many shows as i can before it gets too hot outside, i've been slightly remiss in my daily postings.

and if you really do want a print, shoot me an email, we'll make a deal of some sort. i think i'll start asking for some type of deposit before going all out on images...i've got a couple people that were totally all about it, but then flaked on me. thanks guys. btw, i don't mean you, dave.