what's up?



almost as buff as those guys in that 300 movie, this 1962 chrysler 300 caught my eye last week at the show at the former spires restaurant off the 605 and alondra. first time visiting this show. great selection of cars. a bit farther than i usually go, and i got there later than i intended on surface streets, avoiding the freeway. lots of friendly people, really good crowd waiting for the raffle/trophies.

talked to many people, watching the sun slip away. then decided to pack it up and head to the broiler. late, too cold, not many cars left. and more people stopping to chat. seeing more people showing up with tripods too. interesting.

oh, and my road trip to seattle was interesting too. you would not believe how many classic cars are sitting and rusting in junk yards and backyards along the highway through oregon and washington. too bad i did not have time to stop and check some of them out. anything from the 30s to late 60s frequently made me snap my head around to see.

I had hoped to squeeze in a car show, but the only one in town was too far away and it was raining. thought maybe i could visit the lemay auto museum but was taken on a tour of seattle instead, lunch at cheesecake factory and quick run through pike's place market, before being dropped off at the airport.

facing a tough week at work, extra hours...hoping to be able to post a picture each day, but not sure that i will be able to. probably won't be able to hit any car shows until friday at the earliest either. hmmm friday: ruby's in whittier or main street in garden grove...both so tempting.