what's up?

land shark


this is an interesting car. don't see too many of these around often. actually, there was another one next to it, but it was a truck. nice gills on the side and the swooping grille up front, this is a 1934 hudson terraplane k at the whittier founder's day celebration. i know this for sure, because the owner has fortunately/unfortunately prominantly displayed a plaque in the window saying so, and wants everyone to know he owns it, and where you can find it, should you have any nefarious intentions, i guess. sort of ruins the image, but oh well.

did i mention that it was my birthday that day? what a great gift to stumble across this little display of cars on a day that i had declared, "no car shows this weekend!" really, i did say that. i had to go back to the house to fetch my gear...i couldn't help myself...lol. my husband watched patiently while i took all my shots. i think he was just enjoying the view from behind.

it was such a nice day, i got a bunch of decent shots, i really didn't have to do much to them. and that's the way it is.

i hope you've got your fix of my photos...i'm driving up to seattle this weekend on business while my hubbie stays home :(...back late monday, and no access to my computer. patience grasshoppa.