what's up?

where's wall-e?


found this old chevy rat rod at fuddrucker's a couple of weeks ago. it's kind of beat to hell and back, but it was just more interesting that way. wonder if they're stopping here, or if they will continue fixing it up.

love the hood ornament (see a close up here). i like the added old coin inserted on the radiator emblem, i've seen that more than once. even better, the big engine sticking up reminds me of the little robot from wall-e, but on steriods.

on a more humorous note: soon after this shot, i packed up my gear, threw it the trunk, with plans to stop somewhere for dinner. but, as i was sliding into my seat, my back pocket caught on something, and then the entire left side of my pants got a big vertical rip in the backside, from the waistline to the top of the back thigh. i'm talking full cheekage hanging out. oh shit. there go any plans for dinner. i wear long shirts, but it would have been no help that time.

very fortunately, i have a detached garage i could drive in to at home, shut the door, change back into the pants i had worn to work, and then go back out. tried to pick up my dry cleaning, but they locked the door as i circled the lot looking for parking. guess it just wasn't my evening to be out.