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master deluxe indeed

1938 chevy master deluxe

yet another 1938 chevy from the downey broiler. something about this body type i really like. the big, full fenders and grill, and my fav, a hood ornament, i just gotta take a picture or two or three...

the couple that owned this one and a similar one (this one, i think (correct me if i'm wrong): /whats-up/2010/5/14/pontiac-attack.html), knew i'd taken shots of their cars, and after having seen an 8x10 print of another car, were totally all about buying one of each of their cars. when i get a reaction like that to my work, i know that i'm doing something right.

we'll see. a lot of people say that they want a print, but then don't follow through. i suppose they're happy with the wallpaper they copy from here and that's fine. but nothing will beat the full resolution print without my name plastered on it, and if i don't get an email about it or run into them again, i probably won't order it, unless i wouldn't mind having one myself anyway. if i happen to have a print of your car in my book, you're welcome to buy it from me—i can always order another. :)

need i remind anyone, these images are copyrighted? if you want to use them for anything other than a personal wallpaper, you need to ask permission...send me an email.