what's up?

got a woody

1937 ford woody

this one courtesy of the garden grove main street show back in march. i really liked this show, as i mentioned before. so many cars, not enough light. i haven't had time to go back yet. friday nights are always so busy for me...juggling priorities.

a lot of the cars were parked close together, making them more difficult to get a clean shot. this woody kinda had made it's own space on the sidewalk, near the entrance to another parking area. i had to patiently wait for people to move out of the way, since it was a high traffic crossing. could barely get my tripod set up without worrying about people tripping, so i had to do this quickly. wish i could have gotten a little more to the right to show more of the siding. oh well.

well, i'm going to be very busy at work this week, probably working some overtime. probably a lot of overtime in the coming couple of months. will make it difficult to work on my cars here and/or attend shows. that sucks. especially when it's supposed to rain this week — time not at shows meant time to work on my pictures.