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white dream

chevy baby

i took this shot at the ruby's whittier car show last september. i think it really was because of this one that the photo bug bit me again. thinking about this show again, since they will be starting the season in a week or two. i will have to go back and find this car again. give the owner a shout out and a thank you. :)

i remember it was very warm that night and i wasn't feeling very well. getting ready to pack it up and found an out-of-the-way curb to sit on (must be a habit) and saw this. clouds moving in, sunset, fins (my fav) – and then after processing the shot, wow. it was also probably the second image i'd learned to process this way, and even though this one seems a bit rough now, and i think my images are improving, this one remains a fav (though all of them are favs, or i wouldn't bother posting them, now would i?)