what's up?


1946 hudson super six

this is actually a truck, supposedly kinda rare, according to it's owner, hank. been a while since i took it, but he came over while i was taking my shots and started telling me all about it. if i remember right, he has a few cars he rotates through this show, though i've never seen this one before or since.

he only stopped telling me all about it when the show organizers interrupted to get him to move the truck, as they were running out of spaces. which is why you don't get to see something showing that it's really a truck. got other cars parked up next to it, and i lost the shot. oh well.

and hank also said he didn't even own a computer, so he won't be seeing it unless someone can show him, or i print him something to see. maybe i'll break down and ask my better half if i can borrow the ipad he bought for me, but i didn't want...a story he enjoys telling repeatedly, and it gets more colorful with each telling, so i can show hank if i see him again.