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ramble on

1960 rambler

so i think this rambler belongs to a guy who was at the broiler a couple of weeks ago. he mentioned he had a rambler, but didn't have it with him. at this point i can't remember the color he said. i only have pictures of three of them, and this is the only one from bob's.

actually, i'm glad he asked. forced me to look back through some old stuff, that i would have forgotten about. but really, since its cold and getting ready to rain, and my better half is out at a department xmas party, what else was i going to do, really. i don't think it turned out too bad.

he also mentioned another car show off the 10 near the in-n-out on thursday nights. i'd give it a look, but it's a little too far out of my way with traffic. can't get to them all, but fortunate to live where i have plenty of others to choose from, all year round.