what's up?

fordy fordy


hi. my name is kathy.

<good evening kathy>

i have an addiction. to classic cars, or is it to photography? whatever it is, it's consuming my evenings. and i'm enjoying every minute of it. i don't know if there's a cure. i think i need to seek a balance though. i don't know if it's the taking or the processing i like more. either way, i can get so focused, it's easy to shut out everything else, tune out...is that zen? or just bliss?

still, i need to step away from the computer sometimes. i need to get out and get some exercise before i conform to this chair. taking pictures and hauling a tripod only helps so much. i need to paint a room in my house. i need to...i need...to do so many other things. it's just that most things are not as fun.

a few more months for this web site and then i have to decide whether to continue sharing or horde them for myself. should i have kept this old ford hidden away? it's one of my earlier shots. it's not perfect. a lot is hidden. but it's still an old car and it's still beautiful in it's own way. i'm sure the owner would agree.

thank you.