what's up?

skelly bu

1971 chevy malibu

had such a busy morning, that i couldn't get out to two shows i wanted to get back to; did drive past one at original mike's in santa ana, but they'd already done the raffle and prizes, so everyone was bugging out an hour early. didn't bother to stop.

so i thought i'd try a new show today. went out to diamond bar or was it really walnut, at a show at yet another bob's big boy. have they cornered the market on shows? they're trying anyway. i've been to some that have so few cars, that they eventually stopped the show. this one, as told to me (was that you howard?), has only recently started.

taking his word for it, one can only hope more people will hear about it, as there wasn't much there. i'll give them a break — it's technically still a holiday weekend.

and was i seeing things, or did i see redd's ubiquitous plymouth here as well as at original mike's earlier, or is there an evil twin plymouth out there?