what's up?

just super

spent several hours at the hillco super cruise this morning. got there after it started, but there were still plenty of cars to see, though there seemed to be always some arriving and others leaving.

the weather helped tremendously, with clouds overhead, and partially overcast, to keep the temps quite comfortable. at one point, it seemed it was on the verge of rain, then the sun burned through for the rest of the day.

saw several people i've met before, though not very often. i apologize that i don't remember names without running into you more than several times at various shows, but i do remember your cars, and i do keep your business cards. and of course, everyone remembers dave lindsay.

i saw this chevy drive in while watching my better half shooting pics of an old rusty '39. found it later parked in between the industrial buildings, where there were fewer people milling around. i couldn't find any mention of a car club on it, so i guess it's just some guy with some car.

i like the brickwork on the ground, and the building behind it, for the texture. i could live without the car behind the gate, but it doesn't totally ruin the shot; it's a chevy too, so it adds contrast to the classic lines versus the boring straight lines of today's cars.

wondering around up at the front of the show, saw some ahole drive his muscle car past the show on the street at upwards of a hundred miles an hour, only to have to slam on his brakes pretty hard and fortunately not run into the back end of some poor driver going the speed limit, approaching a red light. idiot.

also found this guy pinstriping the back of an airbrushed and glitter-covered truck. it's always interesting watching those guys, and wondering how the hell they do what they do. i'd be so nervous about wobbling the line, and to think they typically do a mirror image of the scrolls and curls, with no apparent template or tracery.

his tattoos were interesting, and i wonder if these guys crave the ability to just do their own tats as well. i know my daughter would if she could, considering she could probably draw better than most average tattooists. maybe that's why she hasn't sleeved up yet.


1964 ford galaxie

so, my betatted friend, you found me at bob's today. and there you were with your car. the stars must be aligned.

i recognized that pin up girl on your arm right away, when you caught up to me to point your baby out. i liked this shot best. maybe should have waited for the sun to go down a bit more, but didn't want to take the chance of people and cars getting in the way.

maybe when it starts getting dark early, i'll shoot it again, and see how it looks under the overhead lights.


so this weekend, what would you recommend: the pharaohs show in norwalk or the cruzn for roses in pasadena??? gonna be in hollywood anyway, could easily do pasadena, though i did that one last year. i've seen pharaohs cars before, and they're cool too...oh too many choices living here in socal.