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so round, so firm, so…

1948 chevrolet fleetline

here's a nice bomb, hiding in plain sight. under cover of the overhang, i had to tweak it a bit to get it out of the dark—my camera exposed for the sky more than the car. someday i'll have to figure out how to use the camera properly.

my better half has tried many times to explain all the buttons and what nots on the camera…his is even worse. he'll sit with the knowledge that one of these days, i'll give in and ask for this information, and pay attention, the same way i did when i asked him to show me how he was doing his pictures. he loves to tell that story, and it gets more “interesting” with each telling, as do most of his stories about me.

anyway, i like these old chevys, with all their curves and chrome. i like the front of it too, even if the hood ornament is so very simple, err, elegant, err, modernistic...; i'll have to post the pictures someday.