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1948 chevy fleetline

1948 chevy fleetline

sitting in hospital er, waiting on my dad. i think he will be ok soon. probably going home soon. 

had just driven an hour home to whittier, and got the call they were going in. so, packed a bag and turned around drove an hour back. oh well.  


here’s a lovely fleetline to contemplate while i wait. better than pondering my navel. 

night and day

48 stylemaster delivery truck

48 stylemaster delivery truck

not really night, but still dark enough. i've seen this chevy a few times over the years. these pics, a week apart.  the difference in the light, and how much i like it is night and day.

dramatic sky of the sunrise is preferable to high noon, though the overhead lighting kinda ruins the effect a bit. 

at least the daytime shot, the owner came over after i'd already shot it, and dropped it for me. i like them better that way. with the front end up, it's almost like looking up someone's nose. 

harbor knights1-2066And9morehdr.jpg


1954 chevy bel air

1954 chevy bel air

original mikes 1-1282And9morehdr.jpg

got chatted up by a very friendly viejito at the bomb life show in santa ana yesterday. two shows in one day, just like old times, right?

i'd seen a picture posted on instagram (hey slick51), and recognized the location. i inquired if it was from today, because i know he travels around from show to show a lot. he said it was.

i just happened to have to be in the area, so drove a little further down the street to see what might be there, though i was running a bit late for a show.

sure there probably weren't as many cars left in the lot as there might have been earlier, but plenty to shoot. i did have to get back home, so i just did a relatively quick run through.

i'd taken a picture of this freaky, different doll and the front of the car already. then a bit further down, was the viejitos tent. there sat raynbow and some other guys.

one of comes over, introduces himself and asks if i'd shot his car. says they call him lico, and then tells me the story of why. i hand him my card, he notices the back end of the fifty-nine on it, and some other car on the back of the card. then starts talking about how i should shoot the back of his car like this. has a wheel package on the back. 

original mikes 2-8587.jpg

so he walks me over to show me what he's talking about. keeps talking while i proceed to shoot a few angles. was kind of a tight spot, against the hedge, so i sort of squish in a gap, and took this shot.

liked the little homie head on the placa.

was nice meeting you, lico.

original mikes 1-1391And9morehdr.jpg