what's up?

runnin’ with the devil

ok, enough of a break. this blog thing's ramblings are mostly a journal of randomness, or an ongoing convo with my better half. not many people read it anyway, so what i say doesn't matter.

i'm sitting in a cafe, on one of many days i'm being made to take off before the end of the year, to burn off all the exceeding the limit of allowable vacation time, that will not roll over into next year. did that sentence make sense? sounds strange.

i didn't catch the usual week-long cold, that typically follows a vacation, or otherwise take a lot of time off at work. i'm always busy, running on deadlines, and i mostly just really like what i do. so now i have to use those extra hours, or lose them. still have deadlines, so i'll have to share work with our other equally busy designers, or work later when i get back to the office.

they tell me they will be hiring a junior person in the new year, but we've heard that for several years. and who will have the time to train them? already get the most interesting files from our agencies, which show how little their junior people understand the software.

even my better half has mentioned the lack of practical understanding one of his coworkers has, in spite of an overpriced education at that unnamed art school in valencia.

i'm sure no one cares to hear the problems in designer world. i assume it's the same for any profession, when the shiny new graduates start their careers.

where was i? yes, sitting here, nothing to do today. maybe i'll drive out and have lunch with my better half. just hate the traffic, but what can you do anywhere in cali, without sitting on the freeway somewhere?

i was out earlier, and really just wanted to keep driving. to anywhwere. solvang. san fran. monterrey. canada. or to a train station, and hop on. with no luggage. just take off.

but then, i'd miss the car show tomorrow at st hilarys. and my better half is at work. and it's always more funner when he's with me.

got this shot of mr. 666 at mooneyes open house. usually see it around, and mostly don't shoot it. it's not my favorite car, and if you ignore the details and painted on sayings, it's a pretty dull car.

but, i think this time, the location and light was right, so i took the shot. check it off the list, probably won't bother with it again.