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no number given

1965 ford falcon

on a normal day, i would not have taken this shot. but random white guy, with a muscle car at a viejitos show, bounds up and starts chattering away, so i can't not take it.

he seemed really nice, and really enthused. sort of that surfer dude attitude.

said he'd grown up in cerritos. had been at some other show, where i think he said raynbow had told him abou this show, so he figured he'd come on down. mentioned that he'd seen himself driving his car in someone's video on youtube. told him i'd seen myself in someone's video on youtube...my backside, because i was busy taking pictures of cars as the videographer went by...seems to be typical.

got kinda wierd when he asked what i was doing later. i said playing with my pictures, but i don't think that was the answer he thought i'd give.

i took a few shots of his car. and when he yelled, asking if i wanted his phone number...ya no. told him i didn't think my better half would be cool with that, showing up with some random guy's number and no reason to have it. the guys nearby giggled a bit, but no offense was intended.

falcon sans snowman

1965 ford falcon futura

yesterday, i happened to be in anaheim on business. not far from the show at angelo's burger joint. i'd stopped there several months ago, where there happened to be only two guys standing in the lot with their cars at the time. that had been disappointing.

happily, there were definitely more cars, though i didn't stay long. i was still dressed in my work clothes, and it's difficult, but not impossible to do my ground crawl in a skirt and dress shoes. i did a few anyway; hope i didn't flash anyone.

so the owner of this falcon closed the trunk and moved his chair so i could shoot his car. thank you ever so much. then, since it was early and not too many cars had shown up, he told me about the history of his car, the model in great detail, the development from the falcon to the mustang...the guy has an encylopaedic knowledge of the old cars, makes, models, engines, bits and pieces, nuts and bolts. really amazing to listen to, and listen i did for at least ten minutes, if not longer. it was interesting, though a lot of the detail went over my head.

his baby here, he said had three previous owners, all female. last one just had too many cars, and sold this one to him, pretty much in the condition you see it. he did mention that it had been repainted with a special acrylic enamel paint that you can't get anymore, the interior had been redone, the engine had been reworked or rebuilt. that it had a super secret feature on the gear shift that most owners didn't know about, that i can't begin to tell you what it does, because i've forgotten the details already. maybe it has a steering wheel like speed racer's, with buttons that do different things...maybe it makes that cha cha cha sound effect when it jumps... i've gone off on a tangent

he said he lived the american graffiti life as a kid, and often hung out at harvey's, now known as the bob's broiler in downey.

he also carried pictures in his wallet of his friend's cars, and his other car – i know it was red, and it was worth about $60,000, but i'm having a brain fart, and can't remember what it was. i know it has wheels, and was very cherry. it's almost 11 p.m. as i type this; i've had a long week, been to two car shows this evening, and my eyes are tired, so i apologize for not remembering some of the stuff.

he mentioned another car show up the road a few miles, so i decided to drive by. turned out to be the cypress show. i drove around the perimeter, but didn't stop, as i was tired and not dressed to do a decent job on the cars that i saw. maybe another time, now that i know how to get there.

gotta get some sleep; i may have to drive out to san luis obispo tomorrow :)