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tally my bananas

1956 packard carribean

i thought this ’56 packard carribean was different. hadn't seen one before, and i thought the color combo was nice, with a creamy off-white, a turquoise stripe and black on the bottom. i liked the way the sun was hitting it. unfortunately, had to crop out a bit on the left and right — people moving through the image too much on the left, and i didn't want to bother nuking them out of the picture. also cropped the owner in her chair out on the right, but now it's ready for an 8x10 anyway.

mandalay bay frogs

i was out of town for the past week, in las vegas, on business. this is the third year in a row i've gone there, and will probably end up there again next year. so over it.

need i say that as one who doesn't bother to gamble, doesn't drink or smoke, i find it a very unglamorous place to be.

always entertaining is seeing what the cat dragged in to the casinos very early in the morning: shit-faced women, who tried to keep up with the boys and didn't, hopefully being escorted to their own rooms by men who know them; men and women who didn't get lucky at all, but were all dressed up with no where to go; very large people in town to have fun for a few days, looking far too serious and planted at one slot machine for hours on end; a man on a gurney with a bucket in his lap, being rolled away by casino security; chicks in underwear dancing on a stage, while drunk guys howl, as if they had a chance; people on the bridges selling water for "juan dolor"; people slapping decks of cards and trying to hand you pictures of naked women that you can "call any time for a good time," who jump if you snap your fingers back at them; the unmarked planes that take off for area 51...oh i could go on and on.

there is beauty if you look for it. the patterns, textures, and colors are all around, day and night, changing with the light. if you were up before the sun, after the riff raff has gone back to their rat holes, and just wait for it, the sunrise coming up over the mountain range is spectacular to watch. especially from a jacuzzi tub.