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one twenty

1941 packard 120

i look forward to days like this. overcast skies, which add more drama to a picture, as well as softening the light. only trouble is, it keeps a lot of cars away from the shows. either the threat of rain ruining a perfect wash and buff job or it's just too cold to stand around outside for a period of time.

i'd seen this packard several months earlier, but had shot it from down low. just a big shot of a grill topped with a hood ornament. interesting to me, but not enough to bother with here. and here it was, not too crammed in with other cars because of the weather. the owner was nice enough to chat and move his chairs away from the front of it for my shots.

i suppose he's long since given up seeing it here...i warned him it could be a while. well, really has been only a week or so. so many pictures to choose from, and i remembered him. thank you for moving your chair. now if i could only have gotten the next car over to move somewhere else.