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miss it

1948 chevy fleetline

from the broiler a few weeks ago. i just love me a fleetline. alone in a corner, everyone in a prayer circle out of the frame farther away, i took advantage of getting a shot without people cruising through.

ok, there was a woman sitting behind me, keeping an eye, but without any more convo than a "hello," i might as well have been alone.

i don't make it out to the weekly shows at bob's anymore; rush hour traffic just keeps me away. that and the last few times i made a point of going anyway, there was hardly anything there. i did see for a while that some clubs had adopted it, and were making it a thing again, but i haven't seen any pics lately. so maybe they've given up?

maybe i should go the last wednesday night before xmas, when they've got colored lights up on the building. it used to be busy then, and reflections on cars are just lovely. should i, shouldn't i? i'll flip a coin that week. high tech decision making is best sometimes.

belated happy birthday shout out to angel—who i used to see there once in a while.