what's up?

bitches need stitches

pomona 1-1323And7morehdr.jpg

a unique truck seen at pomona earlier this month. kinda ugly, but i sorta like it.  not a lot of people around; after not having a swap meet in december, i'm guessing everyone had raced over to find needed parts before they were gone.

went to the doctor today. she'd noticed a mole...i argue it was just a freckle...and wanted to have it checked out.  

so got it numbed up and she scraped off whatever part of it she wanted, and supposedly i have three stitches where the thing used to be. 

pretty sure it was nothing, and bitch just wanted to cut me. 


1939 general motors truck

i think i've seen this truck over at jae bueno's blog at some point. here it is, hiding on a back pathway of the old world village in huntington beach.

i'm thinking the wheel covers aren't original, but they are kinda cool. wished the hood was down, but figured i better catch it while i could, from the side that was closed.

it was highly polished, like looking into a black hole, were it not for the blue sky above, throwing reflections all about it.


i'm in tradeshow hell at work again. i've worked a couple hours over for the last three days, and will probably continue doing so for the next month or so. makes it hard to get it up for a car show in the evening. i want to go, i really do, but if i stop at home first, i just don't want to go back out.

i do intend to hit the whittier uptown show this saturday. please do bring all your purrrty cars out for me. i miss you so.