what's up?


front st 1-211And9morehdr.jpg
front st 1-181And9morehdr.jpg

my car in for 250k service and better half needs to go to market, etc., so i guess i stay home today. i need to pack for my trip anyway. but it is so wonderfully overcast outside ☹️

i won tickets to an angels v white sox game tonight, but can’t find anyone to go with—i can’t even seem to give them away. almost want to give them to our a-hole neighbors, just so i can park in what they consider their spot on a public street. cops have chatted with them before about their use of traffic cones to save spaces.

better half just picked me up from the shop. said one of them immediately moved one of their many cars to where he was parked. so petty.


shot this car early last week on front street. not my typical car, but i liked the paint on the roof and there wasn’t a whole lot else to shoot at that point.

owner was nice and dropped the car a bit for me. sometimes you just need a ladder but whatever. i can’t carry just one more thing. i’m tired just pulling a camera bag and carrying a tripod.

and with the tiny steering wheel—seems like it would be hard to drive. better half says, “not with handcuffs.”