what's up?

excellent day

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woke up very early for the show uptown. better half was up early, his mother was still asleep, so he walked me up the street as far as the theatre here. he hung around for about fifteen minutes, before deciding he needed to get back.

posting this car, since the ladies that sat with it asked about where they would be able to see the pictures. here. right here. and also on instagram, more often than here.

i think i was out for six hours before i started feeling woozy. had to stop for lunch. wobbled over to the japanese place, but they weren’t open yet. so rolled my bag down the block for a slice of pizza at marco polos. after that, i took a shortcut down the alley to shoot a couple of cars i hadn’t gotten around to, bypassing the crowd.

it stayed overcast and cool all day; still is perfectly gloomy outside. was so happy, as this show is typically full on sun and heat by ten. crossing my fingers that summer doesn’t heat up, and i won’t have to skip going anywhere cuz i can’t take the heat.

i probably still managed to get a sunburn. at least my skin feels tingly.

back at home about one, downloaded over fifty gigs of pictures. kicked back a bit. after three, noticed cars driving by, so went outside with a camera, to catch them at the stop sign. not so many go further than hadley, so i walked back up the street to take pics of cars rolling out. more people than cars still.

saw my friend ernie and his wife. so happy to see them. been over a year, since he’d told me he had cancer. he is now cancer-free, the treatments worked. so, yay! the world isn’t done with him yet, and now he’s a good church-going boy, in thanks.

ok, i gotta go hang out with my kid’s dog and my mom. my boy is out of town with wifey, wine-tasting and enjoying good food. happy twenty-ninth birthday!! time is flying so fast. wtf.

maybe another picture to post tomorrow when i get back…so many cars, not enough time…