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1958 chevy impala

1958 chevy impala

yep yep. made it onto the train this time. everything going to plan, no passing out or hospitaling this week. am watching insurance claims roll in and wondering how much that little stay at the medical hotel is going to cost me.

on my way to a weekend in san diego and chicano park tomorrow. wish my better half would have been able to join me again this year. shame to get a nice hotel room all to yourself. again. someday.

thinking maybe next year i’ll try the show in vegas, but i already have a trip set up for work there later in the summer, and i don’t drink, smoke or gamble, so it’s pretty boring otherwise.

anyway, easter weekend and i’m sitting on a train as i was saying. had me a cold sandwich from the cafe car. i don’t think i’ve been in a cafe car since the nineties, when i used to take my kids to my sister’s house in ventura. they used to get “train pizza” which basically was a french roll with sauce and cheese on it. now they just have packaged stuff…pepperoni pizza by digiorno. not the same. nothing stays the same.

anyway. flowers are blooming on the hills above pendleton, where tanks were rolling by the train—or was the train rolling by the tanks. boys playing their games.


saw this impala last week at the fundraiser for gilbert ramirez. there was a crowd in front of the front end and the back end is the best part, so i just focused there.

was such a nice day. i got a sunburn of course, right on top of the bruises from my IVs.