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waiting game

1950 pontiac

1950 pontiac

life seems to be a waiting game.

mother-in-law is back home. she got out of the hospital at seven in the evening earlier in the week, and was back in the emergency room next morning at two a.m. her test numbers weren’t high enough to keep her there. they popped a shot of morphine in her and sent us home.

after sleeping most of the day, and a lot the rest of the week, she’s mostly gone back to what was normal for her. only an occasional twinge of an ache in her side, but a slight change in her diet seems to have helped.

so it’s back to a limbo, wondering when the next ache becomes more than gas.

right now, i’m sitting in my car at legg lake. black widows are having a picnic today. main entrance at rosemead is closed at the entry booth, so had to drive to the other end to get in. flyer said to use rosemead, so it should be interesting to see what happens when clubs show up and need to turn around on that tiny roadway.

followed in not long after the club got here and waiting for them to finish setting up, and to close the trunks, and for more cars ro show up. literally there are maybe six cars.

a ranger just pulled up to chat with them. wonder what he’s saying.

he got back in his car after ten minutes. he stopped briefly behind my car but i guess i didn’t look too shady.

gonna leave if more cars don’t show, as it’s already hot and i don’t think i’ll last long.


i like pontiacs. they are a little clunkier than their chevy counterparts, but they do have some pretty cool hood ornaments.

this one was at a fundraiser for a baby i never knew, for a family i don’t know, but i donated anyway.