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full-up, screwed, and blown

1948 chevy deluxe

1948 chevy deluxe

my unlucky streak continues.

daughter came up the night before the dia de los muertos art and music festival in uptown whittier. she had nothing better to do, and looked forward to dressing up for the show. she is a night owl, so kept me up late watching some random movie with her. slept out on the couches, and i briefly woke up and she was still messing with her phone at two in the morning. she did still wake up when the alarm went off at five-thirty, and was fine all day. don’t know how she functions on so little sleep.

walked uptown with my better half as an escort. daughter and i started shooting the small group of cars that were near the donut shop. better half walked to the far end, past the vendors and the bank, to see what was there, and to prolong his momentary freedom from the house while his mother still slept.

he came back after a while to report that there were about thirty cars up there. he headed home begrudgingly. at least he got out. he was surprised that people still remembered meeting him. sorta stands out, so i am not surprised.

kid walked to the other end with me, checking out vendor booth wares as they set up, taking pictures of random things. at some point, she went back to the house and put her face on for the show, and came back later.

i was still up by the bank when she returned an hour and a half later. took her to breakfast at the mexican café, where she snarfed down two plates of food from the buffet, and then said she could never eat again. food baby. didn’t want to waste the food, and it was good she said. ok then. typical starving artist-type. feast or famine.

we continued back toward the house. saw this car on the way. i shot the back end because the hood was up, with an altar up front, and i like how the back curves.

purposely didn’t wear my hat, with it’s pinstriped message…a good number of hoods were up because of the memorials…just felt it a bit more disrespectful to wear it. sort of don’t wear it at church shows either; everywhere else, fair game, and close the effing hoods. :) thank you very much.

back at the house, better half had amused himself watching the parade of cars looking for street parking. someone had decided to park on a red curb in front of my car, and some other moron had parked in front of the driveway, preventing the neighbor from leaving. neighbor is new and much too nice, and had asked my better half if he could possibly move my daughter’s car to see if he could wiggle his car out. better half said nope, call the cops. neighbor wimped and wanted to just wait; better half takes great enjoyment calling cops to tow cars parked illegally. cop showed up quickly, and almost as soon as he’d tagged the cars, the tow trucks were there. he tagged another nearby, with its backend hanging in the crosswalk. said they’d already towed twenty-two cars that morning; a very profitable day for the towing companies and whittier pd.

we got home about two. daughter hung out for another hour then decided to go save my mom from babysitting her dog beast. i began to download fifty gigs onto my computer. before i started on the second memory card, i noticed my hard drive was in the red. had to spend the rest of the day shuffling files around to clean off a hard disk drive. actually, just let that run all night.

in the evening, after spending several hours moving files, i meant to go out to fetch some dinner.

earlier, better half had noticed that my car tire looked a bit low, and now it was just flat. triple-a took an hour to get there, nbd. tire had a big bolt on the edge, so it was going to be a gonner, no patch was going to stick there. pulled the spare from the trunk…it’s flat too, but just needed air.

service guy happens to have a big ass flatbed tow truck, but no air compressor. or was it that the previous shift driver had taken it home with him. either way, he had no way to blow up the spare. i had a thirty-plus-year-old, plug-in-the-lighter-socket-type air pump, so that’s what he used. took at least ten minutes guessing that it was filled enough. thanky kind sir.

and after that, news that my former step-nephew had flipped his car and was in icu. i hear today that he is awake and talking, but sheesh.

this morning, late for work, to be third in line at the tire store. they didn’t have the same type of tire in-store, and the nearest with even one was in chino. they sold me two yokohamas for the price of one, since the tire was only a year old or some other bs reason.

almost afraid to get on a plane this weekend, to go see my brother. but i will. he needs a visit from a friendly face and i need a break from work.

but it’s so far away from my better half…