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1936 buick

1936 buick

was at the angels vs athletics game friday night. won some tickets a couple of weeks ago. better half couldn’t go, obviously, so invited my son and his wife, and her mother. something different, and none of us had been to a game in a few years.

it was fun, and they were pretty good seats on the first base side.

the other women got bored pretty quickly. they ate the stadium food, played with my daughter-in-law’s new camera a bit, took several walks around the stadium, then just played with their cell phones for a while.

my son, while he enjoyed the game, gets up early, like me, so he was pretty tired. 

i finally decided that we could just go, since we were only out money for the food and gas. ended up leaving during the top of the seventh inning. oh well. time spent with family...check. 

dropped them at home in the oc, then drove back to whittier. after two cokes, i was awake enough.

don‘t think i fell asleep until midnight, but still managed to wake up and head out to montebello, for the old memories’ breakfast fundraiser. close enough to home, and my better half was too tired to get up early to go to the market anyway. his mom had a late night, so he did too.

was at the show before the sun came up. got good parking, but there weren’t any classic cars yet. just guys and vendors setting up.  

sat in my car and waited until i saw, or, rather, heard a few cas arrive.

the show didn’t fill up as quickly as previous years’, so there was time and space to shoot the hell out of a lot of cars. 

now, the car up top, was from later in the morning, up close to the fence, hood already up. hard to get an angle i liked. owner was still polishing the car, and asked about where he could see the pictures, so here’s one. 

really beautiful car. pretty sure i’ve shot it before. i want to say at pomona. i’ll have to look through my files... 


dad still in the hospital. they thought he’d caught one of those nasty hospital viruses, so now he’s isolated, and we have to wear a gown and gloves to go in his room. not clear what next steps are, if the infection is getting better or what. 

at least he isn’t talking crazy or hallucinating anymore. that was due to an infection.