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driving without cameras

1938 chevy master deluxe

1938 chevy master deluxe

was out driving around earlier. got lunch, went in search of ripe avocados. had a craving for guacamole. didn’t make it to a car show, but a few came to me, as in i saw them as i drove around.

passed an old veteran (was wearing one of those black and gold hats…you know the kind) on painter and whittier…his old buick or some such seemed to have stopped running at the light. hadn’t put on the emergency lights yet.

saw a chopped rag top merc cruising through la habra. did see an old chevy deluxe in the parking lot in la habra, and turned around and stopped for a picture with my phone camera.

had lunch at in-n-out, and just outside the door, sat a veteranos club car. was he with the wedding party inside?

saw the back end of thirty-four driving through uptown, but he got away. and an impala heading up hadley…

busy day for not hitting up a car show.

i did find my avocados, and am in possession of a fresh batch of guac.

saw this master deluxe last year at manny’s el loco. for all i know, it was there today at a vendor fest. seems to be shows there every weekend. just didn’t make it out today. didn’t have my cameras with me, when i had the chance.