what's up?




strange car i saw once at a weekly evening show they used to have at a sonic in anaheim. not even sure it still happens in that location now; i want to say i saw a flyer for a different spot recently.

shame it was parked under the walmart signage, where it welcomed cars into the lot by the entrance, though the sporting goods sign might be more appropriate with a car like this.

walked uptown today. totally wasn’t thinking, or i’d have gone to the little museum, where there was a small car show and an exhibit unveiling. walked to lunch, and was just a couple of blocks away, but didn’t notice any strange activity down the street. usual couple of cars cruising through on greenleaf; there’s always a couple of cars cruising through.

in fact, i didn’t remember the show until about three pm, and figured it’s too late, people leave after trophies are given, and it’s too hot today. yesterday was in the sixties, today over eighty. tomorrow the same.

going to south gate tomorrow morning early. last couple of years, i was there before anyone, and though maybe i’d gotten the date wrong. some years, they let me in before show time, other times, there is some stickler for rules at the check-in table, and i’m stuck outside the gate, shooting video clips of cars driving in. sometimes wonder why none of the people i know don’t offer to let me hop in their car to get in the gate. i’ll get you a free print…ah well, don’t want to crush your upholstery.

going to use better half’s cameras, the big heavy things. don’t think i’ll use the battery grip, makes it too damn big for my hands, but just right for his big hands. i suppose the wide angle lens will also be one i’m unfamiliar with, or will be that big heavy chunk of glass he used to use. nice pics, but my arms will be screaming by the time i leave after hauling it around. it will probably kick my butt into gear about looking to get my own cameras fixed and/or buying something else.