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1934 plymouth

1934 plymouth

my brother is being rolled into surgery right now, two-thousand miles away. giving birth to a large kidney stone or something. usually these things pass, painfully, on their own. but this time, it’s too big, and just blocking the waterworks.

his wife and kids are in town (fortunately/for a change), and with him at the hospital. 

she reports that the drugs must be pretty good; pre-op he said, “they need to operate to remove the stone, or it will continue to rub on my uterus.” 

so, i’m going about my typical day, but my head isn’t in it. guess i will be like this until i hear he’s out and ok. 

chicano park. i heard the owner of this car telling someone else that this was a pretty rare car. it was also very popular, so i really had to wait it out to get my shots. 

follow up: bro is out of surgery, stone free, but totally stoned. can't wait to hear what he said while still under the influence...