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1939 pontiac

1939 pontiac

chicano park 2-2812.jpg

got some new prescription contact lenses on my eyeballs today. haven’t worn contacts since the ninties. didn’t realize my better half had never known me without glasses...time flies.

got one eye tuned in for closeup stuff, the other for distance. guessing this must be equivalent to that corrective surgery they do for vision. my sight is pretty critical to my work, and my photography, so i’m a little paranoid to ever want to do that surgery. former sister-in-law went that route, and is basically blind today. others, still need to wear reading glasses, so what was the point?

my glasses have been bugging me lately, just a dead weight on my face, so i thought i’d try something different. probably should just pick different frames, but that doesn’t help when you want to wear sunglasses too.  limited selection of styles with magnetic or attachable sunglasses. color changing lenses i think would affect how i see color on-screen at work too much, so no to those coatings.

anyway, my reason for mentioning this at all, is i‘m out, walking uptown today, and it’s really weird. 

ever see those cartoons, where the characters are real small, in the driver’s seat of a robot’s head? shifting gears, pushing buttons, while looking at big screen tvs of the surroundings? 

well, i’m sort of feeling like that. feel like i’m inside a ten-foot tall being, driving it down the sidewalk.

kind of like an avatar, only i’m not blue. maybe i am. really weird and disconnected from my self. the doctor said the different prescriptions in each eye would take my brain some getting used to, but damn. 

thinking about going to a car show, but can’t today. apart from the dealings with elder care and exhausted spouse at home, i don’t see how i would be able to see in focus or tell if my picture was in focus with these eyes yet.  

maybe tomorrow. weather is perfect mix of cold and overcast this weekend. my favorite. ya, maybe tomorrow. other than that, i have plenty of pictures waiting to see the light of day... 


here’s a pontiac from chicano park last month. love them and their hood ornaments. really didn’t care for the big, flaccid bow on the front of this one. wondered if it was left over from easter, but mostly wished it gone. unfortunately, i am not a magical being, and the owner wasn’t around to attempt some yoda-like mind suggestions on, so i left it be, and took it as i saw it.