what's up?


1940 chevy special deluxe

1940 chevy special deluxe

my brother is heading home tuesday. one of my other brother’s kids is here with his girlfriend. better half needs to go to the market. i want to go to one of several toy drives. day is half over already.

finding myself sitting indecisively uptown, having a shrimp basket. 

better half’s adventure is dependent on how his mom is doing, which is currently a maybe he’ll go any time soon. 

my nephew has probably already left; my bro i could see again tomorrow, but i was also going to haul down a big chunk of leftover ham from thanksgiving. if i do go there, i might as well spend the night, since it’s only a few exits from work. ugh, already don’t want to go...sunday traditional whining. 

car shows...mid-day light sucks. why isn’t overcast like yesterday? and most are done by four or five, so if i’m going, i should get going. 

and then, i’ve also barely made a dent sorting vacay pics...still solidly in france. this project will take forever. suppose it would be better to take a film camera next time, and take fewer pics. easy, right?  should i post more?

never enough time. never. 


old car from the veterano’s show. owner didn’t say much, just sort of watched. no worries, i don’t want to hurt your car as much as i don’t want to hurt my camera. i do need a new tripod. and i should start thinking about using the chuck e cheese account at work to get another camera body. oh, there’s another thing to do...actually mail in the two broken cameras for repair.