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1941 pontiac

1941 pontiac

shot this earlier in the year at frisco's anniversary show. overcast skies and random rain showers. alternated between shooting pictures and hiding from the rain under building overhangs.  

gave the owner a print of this one...he always gives me cold water when i am in most need of one. thanks so much! 


busy night last night. no sleep until four in the morning. 

started off unable to sleep...because of the heat, or more likely the two hour siesta my body decided to make me take earlier in the day. 

tossed and turned, punched the pillows, rambled expletives about this house and this bed, whose mattress seems to hold the heat while it molds to your body...sucks. wanted to sleep, couldn't.

about twelve-thirty in the morning, i'd just stood up and had my phone in my hand, looking at the time, when my better half opens the door and says an ambulance is on the way for his mom. went through this before, probably around the same time this picture above was taken.

i get dressed and wait by the door for the fireboys. they'd just arrived. some of them had been here before not too many weeks before. 

ever watch sleepless in seattle? that babysitter just walking around 'helping' to find the kid--randomly walking around saying, "jonah?" ya, i felt like that dork, walking around this house, getting in the way. 

enjoyed sitting like a zombie in the emergency room, between a woman who seemed intent on coughing up a lung [note to self: do not take up smoking] and someone who only knew how to grunt and moan. knowing i was running on empty, decided to head home around three-thirty in the morning, to catch a few hours of sleep, which i could definitely do by then.  sister-in-law stayed behind to handle admitting paperwork.

my question, as i drove home on deserted streets, is who the hell is washing their car at the coin wash at that time in the morning? and getting "chatted" up by the overdressed "lady"...interesting neighborhood. 

when i woke up a few hours later, had to contact coworkers to get them to turn on my puter so i could connect remotely, mostly to set up my out of office greeting. ended up working half a day, while i waited for fedex deliveries for my better half and for his sister. 

actually sprinkled outside for about five minutes. that cooled things down, but the clouds went away, and someone turned the sun up to full blast, so yucky hot quickly. 

better half came home for a snooze and a shower, so i went to the hospital, to take my turn, and so his sister could go home for some sleep too. 

better half showed up soon after, but i stayed there until evening. he'll stay the night...doesn't trust the nurses to care for his mom like he does. 

so, anyway. i feel like crap. doing laundry at eight at night, and now i'm amped up on orange juice. i was thirsty. it was cold. oh well.