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1949 chevy deluxe

1949 chevy deluxe

back at work, and had to do a photoshoot today of some exec types. so out of practice, and had to think for a minute on how i set up lights before. had to use a different room, but that worked out ok too. 

they were nervous, i was nervous, but i got a few decent shots of each person anyway. 

my face still hurts but doesn't look any worse than i normally do. coping with it, mostly trying not to think about it. 

have my  cameras with me; maybe i'll stop by bob's big boy after work. might be too early for anyone to be there though, so maybe not.


saw this chevy at the front street show. i sort of like catching the cars before the show, when they're still being polished and buffed. something about the imperfections probably. this car was pretty much ready, but then they forgot to pack up the rag.