what's up?

wish i was going...

chevy truck

chevy truck

pomona swap meet tomorrow. and i'm sick as a dog, though i've never really seen a sick dog.  gonna miss the pre-dawn shots like this one, when hardly anyone is around. early bird gets the shot.

my dad got out of the hospital on wednesday evening, straight into evening drive time. took more than two hours to get home, and he had a craving for a philly cheesesteak sandwich. cardiac diet off and running.  

trying to find him alternatives to diet pepsi, and fortunately, twelve packs of soft drinks are on sale now, so picked up six different flavors. 

he seems to have picked up the cold too. not good for him. did we catch it at the hospital? prob take him to emergency room tomorrow, make sure he isn't gonna pop a stitch somewhere with all the coughing. 

i went back to a local urgent care and they are giving me antibiotics for my pink eye and for my ear infection. eye seems better; ear less so. if i skip the aspirin, my temp head back up over one-hundred. so wtf. 

ex hubby also bought a decent used car for our daughter, so i'm gonna have to drive that north soon, hopefully before snow starts. anyone up for a road trip?  maybe my sister is available...