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1941 chevy special deluxe

1941 chevy special deluxe

digging down to one of the older pictures that have been sitting in draft mode.

i like this picture quite a bit. probably would like it more if i just rubbed out those two modern cars on the right.

out by legg lake, so it must have been one of the los boulevardos' barbeque picnics; i'm just too lazy to look up the file right now.

well, my software is doing updates, so i can't work on a picture now. tired anyway. busy day, not enough good sleep at night.

we have baby monitors in all the rooms of the house, so we can hear if my better half's mother calls. her inner timer is screwed up, so she is often up all night watching tv, and randomly asking for coffee or meals at two, three, or four a.m., then sleeping half the day.

lately, he's had many all nighters, then full days of work, so he is mostly just stumbling through the day. he calls this place his sleep deprivation lab. 

i have a hard time going back to sleep once i'm awake, so my better half pretty much sleeps in the front room, so as not to disturb me. i'm supposed to leave the volume up at night, so i can be the back up, should he not hear her.

once in a while, we both are just unconscious to the world, and she has to resort to the alarm on the monitor, and even that doesn't work sometimes. when you gotta go, you gotta go. fortunately, one of us has heard it eventually, before she has tried anything stupid, like trying to stand up by herself, and into her wheelchair.

apparently, i only hear her half of the times she calls at night. wasn't a problem when i was young, with little babies, but i guess i've lost that sense of hearing, and remain solidly asleep, especially since i don't get there until after ten most nights. maybe i have insomnia.

long ago, not long after i married my better half, said he tried to wake me up one night. he claims i told him, "shhh." he tried again, but this time i said, "kathy's sleeping." pretty sure there was a variation he likes to tell people, where he said i told him "kathy isn't here right now," but not in the current iteration. 

he thought i was fucking with him until i went on snoring or whatever. strange that i left a keeper at the gate to warn him off.

well, he dreams, vividly. he once told me he went to germany...