what's up?

shit happens

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i haven't posted much or been out to shows the last few weeks. got a lot going on at home with family and health issues.

heard last night that my daughter had been in a car accident in oregon. she was driving back to washington, it started pouring rain, her car and others started hydroplaning. guess she slid/spun out into a guard rail, crunching the front of her car. said a semi truck came close to smashing into her car, but stopped a few feet short of it.

she and the three friends with her all had seat belts on, and were all bruised but otherwise not broken. she had one of her dobermans in there too, and while not belted down, he mostly bounced and seems ok too. 

they had to stay overnight in a hotel, and get the car towed home today. last i heard she was waiting for he boyfriend to get home from work and take her in to a doctor to be sure she didn't have a concussion or anything else. 

trying not to worry when your kid is so far away, and you're helpless to do anything is not that easy. someone will let me know if i need to jump on a plane, right? 

in addition to that, my younger brother was in the emergency room last night, about the same time. his issue was a kidney stone. they sent me a video clip...he's high as fuck on the morphine or whatever they use for that. i guess he passed/birthed that stone and got sent home this morning.

then his kids had to go to urgent care. both have sinus infections, one has bronchitis and laryngitis. all because they evacuated florida to stay with relatives, who i guess gave them their colds. awesome tradeoff. 

for myself, went back to the doc today, got more blood tests, because i'm "a mystery." this one is guessing an allergy, like the first two did. anyway, this is not a good look, but mostly my big frame glasses hide the obvious swelling. 


saw this ford at the sonic show a few weeks ago. about the most interesting part of this car is the grille, and the reflection across the hood. wasn't much there to shoot, so was trying to be open minded to these types of not quite so classic cars. not feeling the love i have for a fleetline, but more about practicing photography i guess. i'm so out of practice now...