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days away

1958 chevy impala

1958 chevy impala

better half and his sister both had a cold this week. ran me outta the house to avoid catching it too. i have to get on a plane in a few weeks, followed by several days driving a rental truck.

that being said, i've been away from my computer. and also too busy in the storage unit to write my piddly rants here. sorry, to my few lurkers, or recent acquaintances looking for their cars. it's beyond my control. 

took the wrapping bandage off my arm today. i think it hurts more wearing at this point. still have some twinges of ow-fuckity-oww moments, depending on how i move it or what i'm holding. good thing it's raining this weekend or i might be tempted to roll out to a show. 


impala. front street in norwalk. practically perfect in every way.