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viejitos in a row

viejitos 1-6238And9morehdr-Edit-Edit.jpg

disneyland...pfft, you charge too much. early morning in anaheim isn't so bad, when there are cars to be seen. i see it as somewhat of a challenge to make a pretty picture from an ugly parking lot. not that hard really, when you have lights, camera, trees, and old cars. pavement cracks to add some character or sense of time passing.

caught this line up of viejitos' cars along the fence, amazingly without people or other cars passing in front of me during the five minutes or so that shot this. well, there was one guy walking behind the cars, but he's mostly a blur, so he doesn't count.

got home from work yesterday, and was totally going to go to ruby's. had passed a few old cars heading in that direction, a couple that i'd never seen before. 

but then i got home, and started talking to my better half. i kicked back on the bed, which was a mistake, cuz i started feeling sleepy. so i never did end up at a show at all.

then i didn't get up for a show today. i suppose i could go now, high noon light and heat. ick. supposed to get hotter this week, so yay.

have plans to go out with my better half tonight, which really haven't done since at least before february. as ferris bueller said, "life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."